Welcome to the Digital Services of the National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum (EAM) stands as the largest and most representative museum dedicated to ancient Greek culture worldwide. The sheer magnitude and prestige of this institution provide a unique opportunity for you to explore the wonders of the Ancient Greek World, making your visit a significant and exciting endeavor. Given the vast number of exhibits, the diverse range of sections, and the extensive geographical scope of our collections, we understand that navigating our museum can be a challenging task. To aid you in this journey, we have meticulously crafted a suite of digital tools designed to facilitate meaningful, engaging, and personalized experiences during your visit.

It is important to note that this monumental task cannot be accomplished overnight. Therefore, we are committed to gradually enriching, adapting, and expanding our services, with your participation playing a pivotal role in this process.

In this regard, EAM will progressively enhance your interaction with its extensive collections, developing innovative tools for accessing "Greek data" to enable you to forge your own personalized connections with the museum.

These contact tools, collectively referred to as EAM Digital Services, are provided to you free of charge. While some services may require the creation of a personal account, whether from your own space or locally at the Museum's information stations, this account will serve as your gateway to all digital services offered by the museum, regardless of your location in the world.

So, what can you do with EAM's Digital Services?

What can I do using the Museum's Digital Services?

Through our Digital Services you can:

  • Choose Museum activities for which you wish to receive notifications so you can make an advance reservation (registration required)
  • Learn about the Museum's current program of events, activities, and news (no registration required)
  • Send digital postcards to your friends from the Museum (on-site only, no registration required)
  • Watch Museum events remotely on your smart TV, computer or mobile device (EAM Live!, with subscription)
  • Find out about the Museum's current program of themed audio tours (no registration required)
  • Organize your visit in advance through a virtual Journey through the Museum’s exhibits. You can also comment on your personal Journeys and share them with your friends and family (with registration)
  • Organize visits for people with visual or hearing impairments. Tactile experiences are offered with a special audio tour as well as commentary in Greek sign language.
  • Receive an audio guide to follow thematic tours of the Museum’s exhibits, currently available in six languages: Greek, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. (on-site only)
  • Participate in the implementation of remote educational programs for children of preschool, primary school, and secondary school age, with a live connection to the school (with registration)
  • Watch recorded activities and events of the museum from our video library (Youtube channel)
  • Finally, help us make improvements and celebrate our successes by giving feedback through questionnaires (on-site, no registration required).